Dynamic Alignment Yoga

Dynamic Alignment Yoga® Strength-Flexibility-Balance

Dynamic Alignment Yoga® Strength-Flexibility-Balance

Dynamic Alignment Yoga® Strength-Flexibility-BalanceDynamic Alignment Yoga® Strength-Flexibility-Balance

When the student is ready the learning appears!

There's so much learn!

A great student find the answer of why do the studies!

Monthly CEU's Available for all Students of Yoga -

Teacher Training Philosophy in depth


Dynamic Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program offers over 300 hours on CEU's to all student of yoga emphasizing on the physical  alignment and therapeutic benefits of the yoga practice, deepening and understanding the practice of yoga.
Yoga's  increasing popularity brings with it the need for instructors confident  and qualified to bring forth its teachings in our communities.

Students of  this program may wish to simply deepen their own practice, or develop an  understanding of the principles needed to lead safe, instructional, and  inspirational classes. The program curriculum is designed to explore  many of the traditional components of yoga, including the asanas,  pranayama, meditation, the energetic body, and applied yogic philosophy.  
Students will also be introduced to anatomy and principles of alignment adapting yoga postures to suit different needs. 

This  comprehensive courses of study are designed to help students and teachers  systematically build knowledge and develop teaching skills.

Dynamic Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program is an unique  training where we reach yoga to everyone, to best meet teachers in training and students needs.

With a list of professional teachers from many different background helping student to simply gain information in topic such of the  requirements for CEU's with Yoga Alliance Educational Categories    

  • Techniques, Training & Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics
  • Practicum 

Student of other teaching background are welcome to take any schedule studies to maintain ceu's needed as registered teacher or  work upon gaining completion of 200 or 300 Hours.  

Student interest in becoming a DAY certified teacher please contact Soraya  Sanchez teacher director at dynamicalignmentyoga@gmail.com  

Training in depth


Dynamic  Alignment Yoga  Inquiring Within it is an intense training requirements are an interview application process by schedule.

Writing assignments,  observations, teaching practicum experience in the studio and out in the  community privates locations will be design in the teacher training  contract. Dynamic Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program is an unique  training where we reach yoga to everyone, to best meet teachers in training and students needs.

Includes Monthly Studies Manual. 

With Philosophy Topic, Asanas, Pranayama, Teaching Practicum.

The in - depth program curriculum includes:

- Alignment- based asanas and pranayama

- Applied anatomy

- How to observe and understand students' bodies.

- How to observe Teachers 

- Principle of adjusting and modification of yoga postures.

- How to plan and sequence yoga classes.

- How to teach specialized classes addressing restorative postures, prenatal, physical challenges and elderly.

- Foundation of Yoga Philosophy

- Guidelines for the business of yoga. 

- Field Trips .

Insurance of Teacher Training Practicum in the Community is included.

Require books not included: Light on Yoga, Yoga Sutras Patanjali, Bring Yoga to Life, the key Muscles, Anatomy in Action.


Here are the dates:

January 17-19 - Studies #1 = 17 hours

February 21-23 - Studies #2 = 17 hours

March 20-22 - Studies #3 = 17 hours

April 17-19 - Studies #4 = 17 hours

May 22-24 - Studies #5 = 17 hours

June 19-21 - Studies #6 = 17 hours

July 17-19 - Studies #7 = 17 hours

August 21-23 - Studies #8 = 17 hours

September 18-20 - Studies #9 = 17 hours

October 16-18 - Studies #10 = 17 hours

November 13-15 - Studies #11 = 17 hours

December 11-13 - Studies #12 = 17 hours .

Full payment not refundable!