Inquiring Within 200 Hours Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Philosophy

Dynamic Alignment Yoga is a registered yoga school with YA.

Dynamic Alignment Yoga 200Hrs  Certified Teacher Training Program  emphasizing on the physical  alignment and therapeutic benefits of the yoga practice deepening an  understanding and practice of yoga asanas (postures) and the studies of the  Yoga Sutras of  Patanjali.
Yoga's  increasing popularity brings with it the need for instructors confident  and qualified to bring forth its teachings in our communities. This  comprehensive course of study is designed to help students and teachers  systematically build knowledge and develop teaching skills. Students of  this program may wish to simply deepen their own practice, or develop an  understanding of the principles needed to lead safe, instructional, and  inspirational classes. The program curriculum is designed to explore  many of the traditional components of yoga, including the asanas,  pranayama, meditation, the energetic body, and applied yogic philosophy.  
Students will also be introduced to anatomy and principles of alignment adapting yoga postures to suit different needs. 

Training in depth

Dynamic Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Or next Teacher Training Program  will be on Winter 2019 all students interest in participate in DAY  Teacher Training Program must be regular student at the studio.

Dynamic  Alignment Yoga it is an intense training where writing assignments,  observations, teaching practicum experience in the studio and out in the  community privates locations will be design in the teacher training  contract. Dynamic Alignment Yoga Teacher Training Program is an unique  training where we reach yoga to everyone, to best meet teachers in training and students needs.

Includes Monthly Studies Manual. 

With Philosophy Topic, Asanas, Pranayama, Teaching Practicum 

Unlimited Yoga for 12 month.

Insurance of Teacher Training Practicum in the Community.

Requires books not included: Light on Yoga, Yoga Sutras Patanjali, Bring Yoga to Life, the key Muscles, Anatomy in Action

Books available to sale at the studio.

Cost is discussed on T.T contract available at the studio.