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Free Yoga Class on the Grass!

Saturday November 16th, 2019. 10AM

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Alignment Yoga Classes


 Alignment  -  This class is perfect for all students of yoga also perfect choice for students new to yoga, who are physically active or students looking  to build a stronger foundation in their yoga practice, exploring the  fundamentals of yoga asanas (Poses) . This class focuses on  the classical standing poses, seated poses, inversion, back-bends and relaxation  poses.   Building a firm foundation in Yoga Asanas. Asanas are held for longer periods of time, working on a  deeper understanding of  asanas anatomically  and energetically.  This class uses of Sanskrit words for the asanas and actions .  "Strong Practice."

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Healthy Spine Class


 This class is appropriate for students with tension or pain in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back and whose back problems need to be addressed in a specific class for healthy back care. Students in this class will be introduced to the power of releasing tight muscles due to stress, strain, and injuries, by practicing mindfully therapeutic movements with props such as blankets, chair, exercise balls, blocks the "Great Yoga Wall" will be incorporated .

This class is open to everyone - 

Great for athletes or sports injuries rehab.

Also available for private classes!

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Relax, Release, Rejuvenate


Alignment Restorative Yoga Nidra!

Focus on providing healing for the body and mind.

Focuses on providing healing for the body and mind. 

We offer this 2 hour class once a month scheduled Sunday to help align the mind and body for life task ahead. This class will help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, with breathing exercises (Prana) and support the body in different postures (asanas) with props to help you relax and release control of the body, helping to regulate the nervous system, by putting the muscles in a relax state. Constant practice of relaxation will your body be less vulnerable to stress related illnesses or injury. This class will also help achieve endurance in mind and body, overcoming stress from illness/ injury and emotional depression/ anxiety caused by events in our daily life. Students participating in this class must be able to get up and down from the floor unassisted.  This class is perfect for athletes. Space is limited.

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Dynamic Alignment Yoga


  The Subtle Energy also know as “The Chakra System”

If you spend considerable time doing yoga, you begin to see that it is more than just the physical body. 

In a 7 month series we will provide a way to understand these forces as they relate to an integrated yoga of body, mind and spirit. Exploring the anatomy of the physical, mental, emotional and “Subtle Energetic” body.

Helping you understand the stages of life.

This includes monthly hand out studies for home practice, with pranayama (breathing exercises) asanas practice (yoga postures) Meditation exercises that apply these body-mind principles .

Seven Month Series Begins Sunday 

January 19th Ends July 12th, 2020


Cost $175 Series - $25 per Session

Presented by Soraya Sanchez 

My goal in this series workshop is to guided you through a slow pace of inquiring and building a relationship of pure awareness of mind, body and energy.  Exploring in detail the nature of anatomy, physiology and neuroscience in relation to the ancient wisdom of yoga.

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A Chair For Yoga!


You will learn the benefit of incorporating a chair on your daily personal practice, or how to introduce such a prop in your classes for those Professional Yoga Teacher to help your students to build strength and confidence practicing asanas such as backbends and inversions .

Includes a Manual with Asanas instruction and guided benefit of practicing asanas with a chair.

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Inquiring Within Advanced Studies / Teacher Training


Inquiring Within Advanced Studies is for serious students who are yearning to delve deeply into this great tradition and/or prepare themselves to teach, we are looking forward to give you all the tools into your journey. More information regarding DAY Studies click Here! 

Inquiring Within 200 Hours Begins January 2020. 

It runs withing a 12 month, we meet once a month 3 days 17 hours weekend.  Hospitality available for student out state or Daytona Beach area Email Soraya for details.

Here are the dates:

January 24-26 - Studies #1 = 17 hours

February 21-23 - Studies #2 = 17 hours

March 20-22 - Studies #3 = 17 hours

April 17-19 - Studies #4 = 17 hours

May 22-24 - Studies #5 = 17 hours

June 19-21 - Studies #6 = 17 hours

July 17-19 - Studies #7 = 17 hours

August 21-23 - Studies #8 = 17 hours

September 18-20 - Studies #9 = 17 hours

October 16-18 - Studies #10 = 17 hours

November 13-15 - Studies #11 = 17 hours

December 11-13 - Studies #12 = 17 hours

All students interest in our 300 hours Teacher Training Program must complete our 200 hours. More information email Soraya  

Cost $3000 for student signing before November 31, 2019

Monthly payment studies $250 (Please request rules and regulations)

Late sign Up $3.600 Monthly payment studies $300

(Request rules and regulations)